Woodlice are amiable creatures who will always say hello to you on the street and help old ladies across the road.

They are accomplished acrobats, trapeze artists, back flippers and of cause the old favourite rolling into a ball.

Earwigs are their main problem in life, who seen to have a pathological envy for the woodlice and are a fairly unsavoury bunch. Woodlice always travel in a troupe on a full moon – just in case!

They like bubbles, glitter and sugar puffs, and dislike sweetcorn and earwigs – although they are not over fond of boy bands either.

They are a little gullible, they believe that glitter is holy and levitates to form the stars – they also think that woodlice have landed on the moon, which we all know is not possible as they would never have gotten past the Van Hal-en Belt.

Each woodlouse is hand cut, no two will be alike.